Four Inexpensive Items to Upgrade Your Work Station

A workstation is more than a computer, notepad, and pen. Creating a high-functioning and productive space requires thinking outside the box and adding items you might not have considered in the past. Your workstation setup can be a game-changer when it comes to your productivity and creativity.

Whether you’re working from home or are back in an office setting, taking the time to upgrade your workstation is essential. Below are five inexpensive items to upgrade your workstation and inspire creativity.

Add plants

Adding a houseplant to your workstation is one of the most inexpensive yet effective things you can do to change up your space. A plant adds dimension, personality, and a sense of life to the sometimes-dull workstation. If you’re not sure how to incorporate or care for a houseplant, get inspired on Pinterest. It’ll give you an idea of the type of plant, pot, and set up you should invest in.

A whiteboard

If you’re like me and live off of sticky notes to stay on track, a whiteboard is a neater (and eco-friendlier) alternative. Hang the whiteboard nearby and write or erase things as you go about your day. It keeps all your important tasks in one spot and ensures you’re tackling things before moving on to the next set of projects.

Essential oil diffuser

I’m a big fan of scents and aromatherapy, which is why I constantly recommend adding an essential oil diffuser to your workstation. It is one of those items that you might not notice the difference while you’re using it, but would soon realize you can’t live without it the second it’s gone. It can help reduce stress, promote productivity, and help balance your mood.

Items that motivate

Having motivational items around your workstation can help boost your energy when you’re feeling burnt out. Whether it’s some fun art, a photo of your family, or a vision board full of your wildest dreams and wish list items, adorning your office space with these pieces is an inexpensive way to upgrade your workstation and make it work for you.