Amy.Celebrities.Fat.Body shaming. Why do we do it? To celebrities, to our friends, and even to ourselves…the act of shaming someone because of their body shape is something we see too often; especially with celebrities. How are we so quick to discuss people that we don’t even know? Maybe it’s exactly that! We don’t know these celebrities, and therefore we feel more comfortable to make comments on the way their bodies look, because they don’t know us either.

I am sure we all have our favorite celebrities! Do you rush to see a movie simply because Brad Pitt is in it? Or maybe turn on an award show so you can see Taylor Swift perform live? Regardless of the celebrity, there are some we follow more than others. I personally have a few that I follow on social media. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Amy Schumer and Kelly Clarkson who have millions of followers! These followers are being given a small glimpse into these celebrity’s lives and yet it is as if they know everything there is to know about the person. The comments people make on the pictures that celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Amy SchKelly Clarkson.Celebrities. Fat.umer, and Kelly Clarkson post is absolutely shocking!

If a celebrity is seen to be “overweight” those of us who are not celebrities have no problem with expressing that. When Selena Gomez “gained weight” it was is if the world was coming to an end. People complained that she was too wealthy to gain weight because she has access to the best trainers and nutritionist. WHAT? When Kelly Clarkson experienced some weight gain it was all people could focus on…I mean, forget that she is an amazing singer who recently had a baby and is now pregnant for the second time. Amy Schumer is another celebrity who is thought to be a “bigger” actress when in actuality she is a perfect example of what a majority of women’s body shapes are.

Celebrities put their lives on display for the public’s entertainment. I am sure they knew that with the fame would come some negativity, but I think it’s too much. People are too quick to call celebrities fat just because their weight fluctuates like EVERY OTHER PERSON. How would we like it if we posted a picture that resulted in millions of people calling us fat and telling us we should lose weight? I don’t know about you but I would probably burst out in a million tears and never post another picture on Instagram again!

Even if the celebrity is considered “overweight”… who cares? Why is it our job to inform them? Does their weight make them any less of a singer or an actress? NO! So let’s not hide behind our screens and type a message explaining everything that is wrong with a celebrities physical appearance. We’re better than that!