Gear Up For A Long Allergy Season

Grab the tissues and antihistamines because this allergy season is gearing up to be longer and more severe than seasons past.

And one idea scientists have as to why this year’s allergy season started early and has a longer shelf life is due to climate change, according to CBS News.

Warmer weather means more trees and flowers are in bloom, which means more pollen is floating around in the air. For allergy sufferers, the pollen prompts a reaction in the body to think something is attacking it.

That’s why coughing, sneezing, itch and watery eyes, and even a sore throat are all symptoms people can have when reacting to something they are allergic to.

Regions around the US have been experiencing warmer weather earlier in the year, and that means spring is set to last longer than normal.

In fact the pollen count is the worst its been in four years, according to CBS News, and in many states trees that normally bloom in April have been blooming in March.

And for some who suffer from more than just seasonal allergies, the break from all the pollen doesn’t seem to be anywhere in site. Summer brings with it a whole new set of trees, grass, and flowers.

For many, simple over-the-counter allergy medications can provide relief from seasonal allergies.

For others, making an appointment as soon as possible with an allergist might be just what the doctor ordered.

Getting tested and receiving allergy shots tends to help those who can’t find relief from generic allergy medications.

Other remedies that receive positive reviews are nasal sprays and netti pots to help irrigate the sinus cavity and wash away the pollen that’s inhaled everyday.