Shoes in the workplace fashion or painNo matter how NOT pretty this topic is, it’s a pretty common issue that needs to be discussed. I’m talking about toenail fungus, and it could happen to you!

Toenail fungus (Onychomycosis)  is more prevalent than you think! If you get pedicures on a regular basis or are a sporty person, you should probably keep reading.

Who Get’s Toenail Fungus?

Anybody can get it. Toenail fungus is an equal opportunity nightmare but there are certain factors that can increase your odds.

  • If your mom or dad had it-it can be hereditary.
  • If your over 60 or a male.
  • If you’re an athletic person who wears tight shoes and sweaty socks.
  • If you get frequent pedicures.
  • If you have diabetes or an autoimmune disease.

How Do People Get Toenail Fungus?

You can grow it or you can catch it!

If you’re an athlete who sweats a lot in their socks and shoes, those toes can become an ideal place for fungus. After an intense, sweaty workout do you quickly wipe off and then continue on with your day; running errands, picking up the kids, and walking around in this blazing Arizona heat?

If you wear work boots and socks for your job, do you keep them on all day? Well, you may want to rethink that and air those puppies out during your lunch hour because fungus loves damp, dark, places. You could be sporting some homegrown fungus in no time!

You could also catch toenail fungus from another person, which is easier than it sounds. You can get it in public swimming pools, nail salons, locker rooms, spa showers…any place where you can come in contact with bare-feet!

How to Avoid Toenail Fungus

Keep those flip flops on in public places. Wear pool shoes in public pools. Only go to nail salons that use sterilized tools and a new plastic basin cover for every customer.

My nail salon actually opens little surgical packages with a new set of tools before doing my toes. If yours doesn’t than it may be time to switch it up girls!

Laser Light Therapy for Toenail Fungus

There are medications that you can take for a couple of months that can sometimes help. There are topical creams and medicated nail polishes that work occasionally for some people! But, we won’t waste our time discussing maybesGo Organic - Mother Nature Knows Best when it comes to Skin Care

Let’s talk about a sure thing. Let’s talk about lasers. They work by using near infra-red laser light to pass over and through your nail to kill the fungus. The practitioner will simply zap the effected nail a few times in order to cover the whole nail.  It doesn’t hurt and when you leave, your nail will look the same except the fungus will be dead and within nine months or so a new healthy nail will have grown back in!

Until then feel free to use a dark nail polish to camo that pretty toe. You will no longer be contagious and you can go on your merry way, worrying about more important things like what happens to Jax on the next ‘Sons of Anarchy’ episode and such.

The cost of the treatment varies but can range from $195 to $450 for two toes which I think is worth it. Nail fungus on your toes can be distracting and can chip away at your self-confidence. You are worth looking and feeling beautiful at all times.