We all love the idea of having our dream bodies- toned legs, slim waist, and flat stomach. But, why is it so hard to make this dream a reality? Maybe, because going to the gym is the absolute last thing any of us want to do. Walking aimlessly on a treadmill while watching exercise fanatics run faster and lift more than you ever could…sounds like a dream. Working out is supposed to be fun, right? Isn’t that why so many people do it every day? But, how?

They say it takes about 21 days to form a new habit and I have decided to test that theory. My hypothesis is this: if a person works out for 21 consecutive days than exercising will no longer be a nuisance, but an instinct.

In order to make it to day 22 I have compiled a few helpful ideas that should help change your “love hate” relationship for working out, to purely love.

Have a buddy!

Committing to someone is always easier than something. You can encourage and help one another to reach your aspired goals.

Start small!

Don’t try to run 10 straight miles on your first day exercising! Remember…baby steps.

Mix it up!

No one said the only way to lose weight was by going to the gym. Go on a hike, walk down the stairs, swim in a pool, take exercise classes; the list is never ending.  Go Red for Women event video featured

Don’t wait!

Exercise first thing when you wake up in the morning! The longer you put it off throughout the day the less likely it is you will actually go.

Reward yourself!

We all deserve a treat every once in a while, especially when accomplishing something good. Set small goals and when you achieve one of them make sure to show yourself some appreciation.

I know it is easy to say “I will work out tomorrow” but how many of us actually do it? It is time to no longer want to wait! Let’s prove my hypothesis right and turn working out into a fun and healthy addiction. Good luck.