I am currently at an age where it seems everyone around me is getting married. The constant Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, and twitter announcements appear to be unavoidable. The recent information has prompted the question, should I be in a rush to get married?

Have I, as well as, my fellow 20 “something years olds” missed their opportunities for dating and falling in love all because we spent our college years committed to one thing…graduation?

And now that we are out of college are we supposed to rush to the bars for futile conversation while trying to solve the cryptic code of boys? No thank you.

I choose to enjoy these years of self-exploration and my fellow 20 “something year olds” should do the same! Consider these ideas while living out the most important years of your life:

Do something scary!

Make your heart go BOOM every once in a while, it can handle it.

Update your wardrobe!

Don’t throw away that dress that would technically be a shirt if you raised your arms all the way up! But, add a few slacks, appropriate skirts, and dresses for those “pay the rent” jobs.

Be alone!

It’s important to know you don’t always need someone by your side.

Learn how to cook!

Unless you inherited a great sum of money in your 20s you are most likely broke and cannot afford the luxury of eating out for every meal.

Take a risk! happywomanfeaturedimage

How many of us have something that we want to do right now but are hesitant? Go do it.

Enlighten yourself!

Be smart! Read, watch, and educate yourself on everything you see and hear.

Get to know your family!

I’m sure you have heard this before but friends come and go. Your family, on the other hand, is biologically programmed to love you.

Accept your failure and mistakes!

What’s done is done; there is no changing the past. Learn from every mistake, continue over every obstacle, and remember that life goes on…no matter what.

Your twenties are meant for you to be egocentric. So go on dates, be spontaneous, struggle, flirt, build your career, find your passion, and act a little crazy. I will.