Today’s technology has made us become complacent and lazy when it comes to servicing our customers.  The Holiday season is a great way to show your customers how much you appreciate them.  It is still proper business etiquette to send Holiday greeting cards and birthday cards versus emails to your valued customers.  Here are a few tips to help you get on the right track.

Give Them a Great Product or Service

Being a small business owner means that you must not only establish a relationship with your customer but also give them the best product or service available.  Make your customers happy with the product or service they paid for.

Pay Attention to details

When it comes to your business relationships, listen to the little frustrations your customers have and then go out of your way to solve them.  Solving your customers’ headaches will ensure a long standing relationship.  Focus on what their needs are instead of what you want to give them.  Communicate using their preferences, if they prefer email over the phone then email them.


In today’s tough economy a great way to make a customer for life is to continually refer them.  We all need to make a living and reciprocating will ensure that your client’s door stays open so that they will continue to purchase from you.  This makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Speaking of reciprocation, SmartFem would like to thank Char Mandarich of Mandarich media who created our beautiful new website and mobile app.  For those of you needing to tweak your online presence I highly recommend Mandarich Media.  Check out our new website on your computer and mobile device.  SmartFem is now optimized for the iPad and other tablets!

We are also excited to announce that SmartFem will now be a part ofBreakthough Radio on KXXT 1010 with the wonderful Dave Issac.  In addition to co-hosting the “Match Know Match” radio show, Dave has asked me to be a part of the Breakthrough sports radio team!  Thanks Dave.

Good manners, kindness and generosity will help make your business a success.  We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend as you prepare for this holiday season.