These Apps Will Help Make Work Meetings A Breeze

With so many telecommute and work-from-home jobs out there, it’s inevitable that team meetings will have to occur via our electronic devices.

Weekly, or sometimes even daily meetings are still necessary when running a successful company, and the ability to make sure everyone is on the same page is made available by some amazing apps.

Here are a few apps to help make virtual work meetings a breeze.


Slack is a great app that is not only widely used by many companies, but even professors utilize the app when teaching online courses. It allows teams to stay organized by checking in and sharing information with one another. The best part about the Slack app is that it helps keep meetings organized. Users can share materials on the app that become available at a single glance, team leaders can create channels to keep various projects organized, and the app even allows users to sync it up with their email.

Google Hangout

This is a simple and easy to use application that allows multiple people to voice, text or video chat with eachother. Google Hangout helps to make simple meetings even easier since it allows users to login from any location as long as their computer has WiFi. You can invite as many people as you like to the conversation and it connects them to the meeting.


Trello is more for daily organization than it is for general staff meetings, but let’s be honest without connecting daily on tasks it’s too easy to have projects fall to the wayside and not get completed accurately, if at all! Trello acts as the business version of Pinterest. It allows users to create boards and organize projects with notes, to-do lists, and even shows the progress on tasks as they get completed.


Spending too much time trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules to even pencil in a meeting? Meekan allows users to sync up the app to their work calendar. The app will then search for everyone’s open time slots and suggest various times that are appropriate to schedule a work meeting. It even takes time zones into account for companies who have bi-coastal employees.