Couple of Bartenders – Don’t Just Hire a Bartender, Hire a Cocktail Caterer

Perhaps you’re planning a corporate meeting or special event such as a wedding, birthday, or maybe, a bar mitzvah. Why not take your event to the next level?

So little thought is given when it comes to a bar for a private event. Anyone who has attended an upscale wedding or good corporate retreat knows the value of how important a good bar set up is. Why not create an experience for your guests instead of the usual beer and wine?

Event planning has changed over the years, and an amazing cocktail catering service is a must. Great cocktail catering has become as important as the DJ and decor. It is for that reason that I decided to work with Kinsey and Neal Kendricks of Couple of Bartenders and Liquid Caterers.

Bartenders are the lifeblood of an event and have so much to offer. A good bartender frees you up so that you can go and be the host or hostess of your event. Our bartender Neal came with the most adorable little Cushman Bar appropriately named Findlay. We worked with Kinsey ahead of time and decided on a margarita bar. Our guests were greeted with margarita’s, beer, red and white wine, and of course, water.

Good visuals are a part of any event, and thus was the case with the SmartFem VIP Hangar Party last October 9th at the Elite Flight Jets Hangar. We chose Liquid Caterers because they know the importance of presentation and they had more to offer than a standard bar. We wanted to create an atmosphere for our guests, and they certainly made quite the impression. They are more than a bartending service; they are designers and create experiences.

We all know that a bartending service will take care of the headaches and liabilities that come with alcohol at events but now they need to be so much more. Let’s face it, the bar is the hangout at events and it is the first place your guests will go. Neal kept the line moving at our event while still flashing a big smile and greeting my guest. 

My guests have already asked if he and Findlay would be back at our next year’s event. In the four years that we have had the SmartFem VIP party no one has ever asked me if the bartender would be coming back. Needless to say, we will be bringing them back and making them one of our preferred partners for all of our events in the future.

Thank you, Neal and Kinsey Kendrick of Couple of Bartenders, for helping to make our VIP Hangar party such an epic success.

If you want to take your party to the next level start with your bartender… contact Couple of Bartenders.

Bartending services are the heart of Liquid Caterers.  For over ten years, Couple of Bartenders have been providing superior customer service while servings up a much-needed dose of liquid therapy.  All of their bartenders are hand-selected by Neal and Kinsey, are Title 4 Certified, and receive ongoing training to provide guests with an experience that is both safe enjoyable.

To book them for your next event call 480.788.8363 or email them at