Your Best Friend Is Really Important For Your Health

We all have a bestie. The one person who knows us better than we sometimes know ourselves, the person we share everything with, and the go-to buddy who keeps us mentally sane in this crazy world.

But did you know having a best friend is not only important for you socially, but also important for your health?

When you forge a strong bond with someone, they unknowingly help you gain a sense of self and you do the same for them, according to Psychology Today.

Our friends have an impact on how we make decisions, learn how to trust ourselves, and how we gain a sense of direction. They influence us in ways we probably never even realized.

For example, as we grow and mature, our friends help mold us and our mind. They advocate for us which helps build our confidence, they advise us and teach us how to self reflect, they even are a key component in the advancement of our careers.

They help us learn how to set goals and go for them, they rally behind us, and they are our biggest fan. When we feel like we are failing they always are there to provide a different perspective.

When it comes to the trials and tribulations that life inevitably throws our way, our best friends are always there to lean on, to provide a shoulder to cry on, or to help lift us up when we are at a low point.

Best friends help us learn how to socialize and mature, and they teach us the power of a strong relationship and what it means to build one that lasts.

And they help us take a hard look at ourselves when we are being unreasonable, destructive or loosing direction. All in all, our besties make sure we survive each day and be the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be.

They challenge us, help us grow as adults, and walk side by side through this crazy life with us.

The best part is we do the same for them! We are a big factor in each other’s happiness and life. Think about all the amazing milestones you’ve shared with your best friend.

Getting married, having children, loosing a loved one. Your bestie was there the whole way!

So today reach out and tell that special person how much you love and appreciate them. Without them you wouldn’t be who you are today.