Author: Kristiana Faddoul

Pack More In Your Suitcase-Tips to Fit Everything into One Bag

We have all been there. We are getting ready for a trip, whether that is personal or professional, and we have a lot to pack! Do we grab a bigger suitcase, pay for an extra carry-on, or leave some items behind? Instead of all those options, you can just learn the skill of efficient packing! Trust me, I have learned how to fit A LOT into one suitcase, and am frequently called upon by friends and family to help them pack their stuff up when needed. So without further ado, here are the tips and tricks I have learned...

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Fall In Love With Falmouth- One of Cape Cod’s Jewels

Falmouth, Massachusetts is one of the most beautiful, green areas I have visited in the United States. From the lush greenery to the sparkling blue waters, it is a magnificent sight to see. I highly recommend a visit to the glorious cape area if given the opportunity. The drive from Massachusetts’s capital to Cape Cod is a little lengthy, but worth the trip. Forty minutes to an hour and a half by car or public transportation will get you across the bridge to the many towns within this part of the state. According to a Wikipedia page describing the...

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Cheaper Ways to Prep Your Dazzling Vegas Wardrobe

Heading to Las Vegas is one of the best occasions for getting dressed to the nines. With some of the craziest nightlife in the United States, it’s no wonder people show up to the casinos and night clubs in sparkling dresses and suave suits. Even during the day these men and women walk the strip in chic brunch outfits fit for the Hamptons. Now, it takes a little extra effort to stand out and truly portray the “razzle dazzle” that’ll get everyone’s eyes fixed on you. However, with the need to be the best dressed comes with a huge dent...

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My Airbnb Adventure- Forgetting Hotels Forever

Finding a place to stay, and a nice one at that, is the crux of any travel to-do list. Before you can book your flight, buy your tickets, or pack up your car, you have to make sure you have a place to lay your head at each rest-stop, and of course at your final destination. As I have come to find over the years traveling with friends and family, hotels aren’t always cheap. Sometimes you luck out and get a decent hotel for like $90-$120 a night. Now that’s nice! However, that isn’t always the case. Usually, a...

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My Journey to a Life Void of Gluten- Eating Cleaner, Feeling Better

I have been trying to lose fat and kickstart a healthy lifestyle for some time now. The moment I entered college I began stress eating, and the weight clung to me like bees to honey. It has been almost four years now since I have been struggling with a “college kid diet,” and decided it was time to do something about it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m 5′ 2″ and 135 pounds. I am not overweight in any way, just a little curvier than I had been in the past. However it wasn’t until two months ago, when...

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Animal Yoga Is the New Workout Treat

Yoga has always been a smiled-upon form of exercise throughout society. Websites like the Yoga Journal state that doing yoga can bring some pretty positive and notable changes to the body. Yoga can improve flexibility, build muscle strength, perfect posture, betters bone health, increases blood flow, drop blood pressure, improve your balance, and overall helps make you happier! However, some people who are shaky about yoga might need even more of an incentive to go take a class or two. You might be wondering– after seeing all of the health benefits, why would anyone shy away from yoga in...

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