Author: Kristiana Faddoul

Summer Jobs That’ll Put Some Extra Cash in Your Pocket

When it comes to people with seasonal jobs, summertime can be a real downer. Heading on vacation, enjoying occasional activities, or  just buying a little extra when it comes to grocery shopping can be a difficulty without a steady summer income. However, there is always a silver-lining when it comes to getting a job during the summer season… there are seasonal jobs ready to hire ASAP! Some of the best places to look for summer, or seasonal employment would be: Museums, Science Centers, Art Museums, Etc. These establishments are some of the best places to find summer jobs, in my...

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Biomimicry- The Future of Engineering, Biology, and Sustainability

Biomimicry is the process of looking to nature as the inspiration for innovation. As the page before the first page of the book “Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature,” written by Janine M. Benyus, states, Biomimicry comes “from the Greek word bios, life, and mimesis, imitation.” In my own words, it is the method of literally mimicking nature when creating our own products for human consumption and use. It is a design method that will hopefully help humans build more sustainable products that will contribute to creating human societies that live symbiotically with the rest of the ecosystem. All in...

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Do You Have an Ex-Box Filled With Old Relationship Memories?

A few weeks ago I was listening to a segment on LIVE 101.5 in the early morning. A few of the morning anchors were talking about having once owned or about still currently owning an ex-box.  Now I am definitely not talking about the gaming system, the X-box. This “ex-box” is a box/container filled with pictures, letters, trinkets, and all sorts of memorabilia of a past partner or lover. The Story Behind the Ex-Box Two of the anchors/hosts on 101.5 were discussing the opinion that it is perfectly normal to keep one of these boxes, even when in a new relationship....

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The Overall Benefits of School-Provided Gardens on the Education System

Whether or not to adapt school systems around the world into growing their own gardens is a controversial issue among educators, environmentalists, parents, politicians, and many other people alike. When it comes to discussing opinions on the matter, I too have taken a stance on the naturalization of educational institutions. I believe that providing students opportunities to tend campus gardens should be mandatory in all school systems. This method of educating is clearly beneficial to all parties involved. Nature heals and strengthens humans in a multitude of ways. It especially affects the developing minds and cognition of our youth....

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Revitalize Your Dry Feet With These Beauty Foot Hacks

Summertime is here, which means it is time for summer clothes! Shorts, tank tops, summer dresses and flip-flops are definitely the way to go in the excruciating Arizona heat. However, with breezy clothes comes new skin exposure… and with that exposure comes damage to the skin. One of my least favorite effects of the summer heat is developing cracked, dry feet! Summertime means more flip-flops, sandals, and for some reason, walking barefoot around the house more often (at least, that’s the case for me). The bottom of your feet are exposed to the elements more than usual, and become...

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Armed Man Arrested at Phoenix Comicon

Police arrested a man at Phoenix Comicon Thursday for possession of a loaded shotgun and three loaded handguns. The 30-year-old man was also armed with knives, ammunition, and other handheld weapons on top of the three loaded guns. Police apprehended the man before any weapons were drawn, and have since heightened security at the event. No one was harmed in the arrest. An article on said, “A woman reported that the man was posting photos of Phoenix police officers from the event on social media. Police immediately responded to take him into custody around noon.” The photos led...

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