Author: Kristiana Faddoul

The Benefits of Rocking a “No-Makeup” Face

Not wearing makeup can be so freeing. You don’t have to worry about it getting messed up or smudged, about it hurting your skin, or about it being too overdone or too underdone. Granted, if I am being honest, I rarely go without makeup when leaving the house myself. Actually, the only time you will catch me without makeup on my face is when I am going to bed! However, I have become more open to the idea of going a day or two out of the week without my face done-up. Again, since I am being honest, I...

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Leftover Easter Candy Creations

Now that Easter has come to an end, stores will be looking to rid themselves of all their current holiday candy in order to start stocking for the next one… and I hope you know what that means! Candy sales! Oh how I absolutely love the day after candy sales at my local Walmart or Fry’s. Candy that was once $4.99 becomes a beautiful $1.99 or less! While you’re filling your cart with half off chocolate, jellybeans, peeps, and bunny and chick lollipops, you might start thinking of what you are going to do with so many Easter goodies....

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Highlighting Small Businesses: Sunrise Auto Care, The West Vally’s Trusted Auto Repair Shop

As a magazine that supports small businesses around the valley, is always pleased to showcase a entrepreneur  that is thriving and benefitting the community. One small business that has served the community for well over 20 years is Sunrise Auto Care, a small automotive repair shop founded by Zoe Faddoul. I want to be as transparent as possible with all of our readers, and say off the bat, that Zoe Faddoul is my father. However, after being approached by’s founder and leader Lea Woodford, I was recommended to showcase my father’s hard work and honest business he has been sustaining...

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Review of the Brelby Theatre Company’s The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

As a theater goer who had never before seen the musical The 25th Annual Putman County Spelling Bee, I had heard mixed reviews about it over time. Some thespians and theater goers in the Phoenix community have shared that this musical is energetic, quite inclusive of the audience, wild, and an overall exciting show. I have also heard from a few, however, that the show is completely ridiculous, bizarre throughout, and pretty damn weird. Luckily in the case for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, those negative attributes are transformed in ways that actually add to the production as a whole, and...

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Prepare Yourself for an Early Scorpion Season

These first few months of 2017 in Arizona have been quite toasty, with record breaking temperatures in the winter months and early months of spring. This change in temperature, whether you have realized it or not, is bringing premature changes to the environment. Flowers are blooming early, birds and insects are migrating at different times than usual, and as much as we don’t like it, very many critters are finding their way into homes to find shelter from these rising temperatures. One of those critters that is very commonly found within Arizona homes are the bark scorpion. These arachnids are...

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Panic! at the Disco Scheduled to Perform First Show in Phoenix for 2017

Punk/Pop Rock band Panic! at the Disco has been booked to perform in Phoenix at the Talking Stick Resort Arena this Wednesday night, March 29th. Panic! at the Disco, lead and spearheaded by pop icon Brendon Urie, has maintained extreme popularity from their debut in the early 2000’s until present day. Their album, Death of a Bachelor, was released January 15th, 2016. Since then, songs have skyrocketed in popularity, with the album’s main song Death of a Bachelor listed on iTune’s “Top Songs” list even after being out for a whole year. The Death of a Bachelor Tour is...

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