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Boozy Valley Events Coming Your Way This Fall

As the temperature drops, and more and more people come out from their air-conditioned buildings, the local outdoor events start emerging as well. Concerts, performances, bar crawls, festivals, etc. are headed to the Valley of the Sun, and folks are buzzing in anticipation. However, when it comes to the 21+ community, the fall season also means more opportunities to drink in public! In this last week alone, I have been invited to 10 separate alcohol-related events happening around the greater Phoenix area over Facebook, and my calendar is filling up! So, if you are looking to spend your fall days/evenings...

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Population Problems, Why No Place is Quiet Anymore

As I drove back from my family trip up to Slide Rock in Sedona this past weekend, I thought to myself, “Man, you cannot go anywhere without a crowd nowadays.” Granted, my family traveled over to the well-known watering hole for Labor Day weekend, and expected there to be crowds when we arrived. However, we didn’t expect the crowd to be as BIG as it was. We arrived to Slide Rock at 8:00am, and already the large parking lot was filled at maximum capacity! We were so astonished at this fact. My family had expected parking lots to fill...

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How You Can Lend A Helping Hand to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey Hits As I hope the majority, if not all readers, are aware of already, there is a massive hurricane/tropical storm hitting Houston, Texas currently. Hurricane Harvey has already caused mass destruction in a matter of days, leaving 10 dead and many others injured. Streets are flooded with over 30 inches of rain, and more to come. According to an article about the storm posted by the New York Times, “By the time the storm ends, some areas may see more than 50 inches of rain, forecasters said.” Houses have been ripped to pieces, massive trees have been unrooted from the hearth, and people have been literally swimming for their very lives. Photos have surfaced of citizens driving speedboats down neighborhood streets, of pet owners carrying their fur babies over their heads, and of law enforcement and emergency response teams evacuating families by helicopter. The last time I personally witnessed a storm this severe was when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans back in 2005. But of course, the two storms have their differences, with Harvey being terrible but not as catastrophic as Katrina. “The affected area includes some of Texas’ most populous cities, stretching along the state’s Gulf Coast from Corpus Christi to Houston, and inland to Austin and San Antonio. Parts of Louisiana are also expecting heavy rain,” said the New York Times. How You Can Help...

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Pack More In Your Suitcase-Tips to Fit Everything into One Bag

We have all been there. We are getting ready for a trip, whether that is personal or professional, and we have a lot to pack! Do we grab a bigger suitcase, pay for an extra carry-on, or leave some items behind? Instead of all those options, you can just learn the skill of efficient packing! Trust me, I have learned how to fit A LOT into one suitcase, and am frequently called upon by friends and family to help them pack their stuff up when needed. So without further ado, here are the tips and tricks I have learned...

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Fall In Love With Falmouth- One of Cape Cod’s Jewels

Falmouth, Massachusetts is one of the most beautiful, green areas I have visited in the United States. From the lush greenery to the sparkling blue waters, it is a magnificent sight to see. I highly recommend a visit to the glorious cape area if given the opportunity. The drive from Massachusetts’s capital to Cape Cod is a little lengthy, but worth the trip. Forty minutes to an hour and a half by car or public transportation will get you across the bridge to the many towns within this part of the state. According to a Wikipedia page describing the cape, “Cape Cod incorporates all of Barnstable County, which comprises 15 towns: Bourne, Sandwich, Falmouth, Mashpee, Barnstable, Yarmouth, Harwich, Dennis, Brewster, Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown.” In Falmouth, specifically, there are loads of activities to do as a visitor or resident. There is a beautiful bike trail that runs from one side of the town to the other, allowing you access to almost all points of Falmouth. If the water is your destination, there are multiple small freshwater sources, and of course, the ocean! One of my favorite beach spots there is known as Old Silver Beach. It’s one of the smaller public beaches around, but the water is clear, the sand is fine and white, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Water activities include renting kayaks, jet...

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Cheaper Ways to Prep Your Dazzling Vegas Wardrobe

Heading to Las Vegas is one of the best occasions for getting dressed to the nines. With some of the craziest nightlife in the United States, it’s no wonder people show up to the casinos and night clubs in sparkling dresses and suave suits. Even during the day these men and women walk the strip in chic brunch outfits fit for the Hamptons. Now, it takes a little extra effort to stand out and truly portray the “razzle dazzle” that’ll get everyone’s eyes fixed on you. However, with the need to be the best dressed comes with a huge dent in your wallet, right? Because the nicest clothes usually come with the largest pice tags, don’t they? Well, I am here to prove you WRONG! I have come to find that the fanciest looking outfits don’t always have to come with an overwhelming price tag . Ladies, let me show you some of the best spots to accumulate your Vegas wardrobe without having to break the bank! #1 Charlotte Russe This popular fashion store can be found at almost ever mall and outlet mall around town. With the latest styles in dressy and casual clothing, along with a wall filled with fabulous shoe options, Charlotte Russe is the place to be when shopping for the perfect outfit. Not to mention that their sales are ridiculous. I bought two clubbing dresses...

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