Author: Lindsay Hauptman

Handling a Car Dealer – Tips to dealing with the dealer!

They say people would rather go to the dentist than the car dealer. Frankly speaking I can’t say I blame them. Going to the car dealership, whether to buy a car or service one, deals with 2 of your most precious commodities… Time and Money!  My goal is to help consumers feel more at ease by understanding some of the truths about dealerships. Myth: I can get a better deal if I buy through the internet department versus walking in the dealership. Busted! Truth be told, there is no better or worse deal to be had. I’ve seen great...

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Ahh Summertime! Car tips for the Woman on the Go!

Ahh Summertime!  Pool parties, backyard barbeques, family road trips, and the all too common shredded tires.  Driving around the valley we see bits of tires all over the roads.  Keep yourself and your family from experiencing this frustration by following these simple Tech Tips to prolong the life of your car’s tires, improve safety and increase fuel economy. Tech Tips from Lindsay Hauptman of Larry H. Miller Toyota of Peoria Did you know the outside air temperature can affect the pressure in your tires? When it’s hot the air expands and when it cools off the air contracts.  Believe it...

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