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C-Suite TV – Backstage Pass with Alice Cooper – The Impact of Technology on the Music Industry

The music industry like all things is changing and has been disrupted by technology. Join us on C-Suite TV as Lea Woodford of and SmartFem TV talks with legendary rocker Alice Cooper and Sheryl Cooper.  Watch Alice as he discusses the challenges and changes in the music industry and what it takes to make it in the business then and now. Alice describes what life is like on the road and how he has managed to create a multi-generational fan base.  Alice also shares his experience on stage with Johnny Depp and Joe Perry of the Hollywood Vampires....

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Did Your Phone Spring Ahead in Arizona?

Today is the day that almost everyone in the country “springs ahead” one hour for daylight savings time.  Arizona and Hawaii are notable exceptions so apart from knowing what time zone our relatives and friends in other states are in, we don’t concern ourselves too much over daylight savings time. It seems the mobile phone networks may not be so well informed. Did you wake up this morning, check the clock on your mobile phone and think you had slept in a bit longer than you thought? Then wander in to your kitchen and see the clock on the...

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The Truth About Plastic Surgery, an Interview with Dr Richard J. Brown

Lea Woodford is the publisher of SmartFem Magazine for Women. Lea is committed to promoting and endorsing local businesses and leaders who excel and stand out in the community. Dr Richard “Rick” Brown consistently proves to be one such local business leader and SmartFem is proud to support and recommend him as an expert in plastic surgery. The decision to have plastic surgery is often a very difficult and personal choice. Even more difficult is choosing the right plastic surgeon. SmartFem has worked with Dr. Richard Brown as he educates consumers about the truth of plastic surgery and contributes his time to...

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The Interview Unites America and Laughs at Kim Jong-un

I’d like to point out that this is not so much a review of the new highly publicized movie, The Interview, as it is a commentary on the bizarre circumstances surrounding the movie’s release and those other editors who have already beaten me to a movie review. If you haven’t yet seen The Interview, don’t worry, there are no spoilers here. On the other hand, there’s not much to spoil. For those who’ve had their head in the sand the past few days (or weeks), There’s been a lot of hype over the alleged cyber hacking of Sony Pictures...

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