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Me The Artist

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me the artist + masterpiece = me’sterpiece

me the artist was created to provide an opportunity to explore creativity through painting in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. As Individuals, ‘Art’ can impact us in many ways; it can create a calm serenity; it can inspire us; fill us with love or energy and it can move us. Art can be enjoyed by all age groups.

me the artist certified instructors are called Me’guides for a reason . . . They provide simple easy to understand instructions to create a likeness of a Me’sterpiece, but they are not looking for a duplicate of the original work. Me’guides will encourage you to add your own “flair” through color, shape and design to make your me’sterpiece uniquely yours!

Me’tists (artists) will paint the same 16″x20″ acrylic-on-canvas me’sterpiece (painting) during a single me’vent (class/event). Our me the artist certified me’guide (instructor) will provide simple instruction to create a likeness of the original me’sterpiece (painting), but we don’t want a duplicate! Adding your own ‘flair’ with colors, shapes and design makes the work of art uniquely your own!

me the artist hosts classes that can be signed up for online as well as private classes and parties that can be scheduled over the phone.

This unique and innovative painting activity is fun for a birthday, anniversary, bridal or baby me’vent, to name a few occasions. If it’s special to you, we’re interested! Even if it’s just hangin’ out with friends, you’ll enjoy this new and innovative activity!

me the artist is owned by Ruby Farias. Ruby is a long time artist and retired from her banking career to do what for many years has been her dream and passion. She has worked with a variety of mediums and has created an array of works of art for everyone to enjoy; from her initial love of abstract and nature, to whimsical, landscapes and close up stills.

She has sold her work online, at art galleries and art shows. Ruby Farias has been teaching art to all ages for many years.  She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and daughter.

“It’s absolutely the most fun thing to do with friends and family; it’s also a wonderful place to network and meet new friends,” Ruby said.

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