Mike Lindstrom’s New Book ‘What’s Your Story’ Out Now

bookWhen professional speaker and author Mike Lindstrom found out him and his wife were expecting a baby boy Lindstrom gave himself a goal, to answer every question in the book, “Questions for My Father: Finding the Man Behind Your Dad,” written by Vincent Staniforth.

Published in 1998, “Questions for My Father” was written by Staniforth after loosing his father at a young age.

For Lindstrom, the countdown to fatherhood was approaching, and in tow was the fear associated with being a first time dad.

“I fly a lot as a speaker and I had an epiphany,” Lindstrom said of a particularly turbulent flight. “What if this plane were to go down? He’s not going to know so much about my life.”

The sense of urgency prompted by the flight turned into Lindstrom journaling answers to questions like, “Tell us about the first time you met mom?”and, “What was your childhood like?”

Stories about life events, heartbreaking failures, and peak moments, as Lindstrom calls them, were penned onto the pages of the journal.

Fast forward eight years and Lindstrom’s passion prompted Staniforth to agree to co-authoring, “What’s Your Story? Discover the Man Behind Your Dad.” Inside are 114 questions covering everything from 9/11 to how technology has evolved.

But perhaps the most difficult questions to answer are those associated with the big F word.

“Men suck at the F word – feelings,” Lindstrom said.

Teaching his boys that it’s okay to show their feelings is something Lindstrom is also passionate about. He hopes the book will help start communication between parents and their children to discuss their answers to the various question listed.

“This book can be one of two ways. You can either write it to your children, or your children can use the questions to interview you,” Lindstrom said, explaining how answers to each question may differ from child and parent based on their own perspective.

Lindstrom says they plan to release one for moms around Mother’s Day next year, and even an edition for grandparents.

But just because those editions aren’t out yet doesn’t mean the questions can’t apply to mothers or grandparents.

For Lindstrom, the biggest takeaway he hopes people will get is the willingness to actually answer the questions, with or without the prompt of some plane turbulence.family

“Questions for My Father: Finding the Man Behind Your Dad” is now available for purchase.

Want to meet Mike Lindstrom? Visit Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe on June 10 at 7 p.m. for a book signing and discussion with the author.