Male Doctor Hand Abstract with Lab Coat and Stethoscope.

National interest in integrative and natural medicine is increasing daily.  In 2002, it was estimated that over one third of American adults use alternative medicine, and the numbers are still rising.  More and more Valley residents are discovering the outstanding results that come from personalized, integrative medicine.

Integrative medicine doctors use the best of both worlds of medicine, traditional and alternative, to bring their patients back to true health.  Focusing on the cause of illness and customizing treatment to optimize health, Naturopathic doctors and others use state of the art scientific testing and evidence based medicine together with natural, restorative therapies.

What’s their prescription for better health and happiness?  Balancing the body’s hormones, immune system, mind and body to bring each person to a higher level of energy and vitality.  Safe, effective, natural therapies are used before prescription drugs with potentially harmful (and numerous) side effects.  Along with the strategies of individualized care and treating the cause of illness, many alternative and integrative practitioners provide outstanding care for lasting results.

With the volumes of information available in books and on the internet, it can be confusing and at times even dangerous to try some alternative therapies without an expert’s advice.  Naturopathic doctors are trained in traditional medicine and have expertise in alternative medicine.

It’s important to seek out and meet with an experienced doctor in your area.   It is amazing how effective natural medicine is for so many conditions.  I have seen total reversal of conditions varying from long term fatigue and autoimmune disease to chronic pain and insomnia.

Integrative care becomes more and more sought after by people of all walks of life.  Women are often the first in the family to pursue natural medicine, largely because they value the personal care they receive.  It’s important to consult with a professional that will take the time to truly listen to their  patients’ concerns and dig deeper to discover the cause of the problem.  This translates to longer visits but better doctor-patient relationships and better outcomes.  This is where healing starts.

“One thing we hear from many of my new patients is “I don’t want to take prescription drugs, can you help me?”  The answer is invariably ‘Yes!’”

Whether a person is interested in taking fewer prescriptions, finding help where traditional medicine has failed or interested in better long term health, integrative medicine might be the best medicine.  Consult with your local professional to find out more about the new way medicine is being practiced as an alternative and natural approach to health care.