Author: Joleen Lunzer

The Whole Truth

It’s official. I’ve become someone who posts pictures of healthy food on social media. Feel free to unfollow, unfriend or hide me from your newsfeed because if I could, I’d do the same. Until 21 days ago, I was on a sugar bender. I was seeing movies in theaters 1-2 times a week. It wasn’t because I wanted to see these movies, but because it provided me a dark place to eat Skittles, Peanut M&M’s, hotdogs, popcorn, gummy worms and a cherry ICEE in one 80-120 minute sitting. I started going to movies alone so that I could spare...

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You Can’t Ring My Bell

I’ve never wanted to have a big wedding. The idea of a big wedding sprung me into an instant panic attack as I became overwhelmed with the idea of party planning. I’m not a planner. I’m a doer. I’ve never understood people who plan for something up to a year in advance. However that kind of “logic” could explain why I don’t have a savings account. When I hear someone say they are planning a trip to (insert destination here), my first thought is, “Why wait?” Waiting is something that impatient people such as myself, hate. Instead, you can...

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#FollowME- How Instagram is Taking Over My Everday Life

I spend too many of my days watching the lives of others unfold online while allowing my real life to sit stagnant. I hold my phone so close to my face that it slips through my hand and plummets onto my nose too many times than I want to remember. I just leave the nose I paid $7,000 for unprotected as I fight even the most basic of human needs, sleep, in order to stay online as long as I can. And when my eyes can stay open no longer, BAM, my phone hits me on the sculpted bridge...

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A Letter to Lucy

Dear Lucy,   On Saturday June 28th 2014 the most wonderful thing happened, you were born. With your arrival, life just got infinitely better. Your possibilities are endless as is my love for you. And although you are only a few days old, as your aunt, I already have so much to tell you. Therefore, I’d like to share with you some thoughts and a few things I’ve learned in my 34 years on this earth. I hope this will help you navigate through life’s many journeys. Speaking of journeys, learn how to read a map. I never did...

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There’s NOT An App For That

Despite the copious amount of phone apps that exist for your downloading pleasure, I often find it difficult to find ones that suit me. I never liked birds so whether they are “Flappy” or “Angry,” I’m not interested. Pandora is a great music app for when I’m at home on my Wi-Fi, but once I’m out in the real world and without an unlimited data plan, I am vulnerable to overage charges and panic attacks. The Google Maps app is a lifesaver, but it also enables my ignorance. Without it, I turn into a reluctant wanderer who has yet...

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Modest Me Without Baby

I recently made the dream I’ve had since I was a 12-year-old girl come true, I moved to beautiful Hollywood, California to pursue my dream of becoming a professional comedian/writer/actress/ankle model. And with every big move comes great new adventures- like finding a new primary care doctor. Let the fun begin! After searching online to see which doctors were covered under my insurance, I found a doctor who was only a few blocks from my apartment. I couldn’t believe my luck. You mean I didn’t have to fight the “stop and never go” LA traffic. Instead I could walk...

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