Author: Tony Medlock

Chivalry is not Dead! A Story of Internet Dating

As a florist here in Phoenix, I hear some amazing stories.  This one is of a man who demonstrated how modern technology and internet dating has not destroyed old fashioned chivalry. I can’t begin to tell you how happy our awesome clients have made me recently!  There is a gentleman who recently relocated to Arizona.  After retiring from the restaurant business last year he choose to move closer to his family.  One of those family members talked him into trying to find a companion using the most amazing tool called the Internet.  Each time he had a meeting for...

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PJs Flowers Coupon Offer for SmartFem members – Florist

Exclusive Coupon Offer for SmartFem members from the best Phoenix Florist 10% Discount for SmartFem readers Order online at using promo code SFEM Or call/visit us at 7828 N. 19th Ave. #10 Phoenix,  AZ 85021         (602) 995-4999 (800) 456-0260   The best Phoenix Florist Serving All of Phoenix AZ and Maricopa County PJs Flowers, a local Phoenix Florist located in sunny Phoenix offers the best in high style and contemporary floral designs and custom flower arrangements since 1985. We offer award winning floral designs for everyday occasions, weddings and special events. Recognized as one of the best...

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