Author: Shelly Buettner

Pearls: Uptight and Stuffy No More

So, you don’t think you like pearls, right? Well, let me tell you something, you should! They’re one of today’s hottest fashion items, they’re timeless and they are definitely not, as the saying goes, ‘your grandmother’s pearls.’ Pearls used in fashionable jewelry pieces today are fresh and fabulous and are being mixed with every metal and material that designers can get their hands on. And they’re not just found in jewelry either. Adorning everything from shoes to belts, bras to panties, and lamp shades to pillow cases, these icons of the jewelry world are as hip as ever. Even...

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Why Your Girlfriends Are Your Best Asset

2015 was a year of life changes. I turned 50, got a divorce, watched my only child go off to the military, and left warm, sunny Arizona and moved back to my tiny home town in central Illinois.  Oh, and I broke my nose and had a hysterectomy thrown in there somewhere, too. Although it wasn’t exactly the easiest of years, I was happy to realize I could endure a heck of a lot more than I ever imagined. And believe it or not I still have my sanity…I think! As I reflect back on my year of life-altering...

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