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Sunscreen, The Struggle With Kids, Sun Protection, and Skin Cancer

Images of children playing in the sun is often far removed from our concern for effective sunscreen protection, our fears of skin cancer, and our need to protect our children from the harmful effects of the sun. Each and every day society learns more about just how harmful the sun’s UV rays can be on your skin and your overall health. The sun increases the risk of skin cancer, and exposure can cause your skin to age beyond its years. Even being out in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes a day or having the window open during...

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Sunscreen isn’t Just for Summer!

Sunscreen protection is vital to skin cancer protection all year long, not just when you head to the beach in the summer.  The winter isn’t the best time to break out the board shorts and bikinis and head to the beach for a day of fun in the sun. Even in a subtropical climate such as South Florida, the temperatures can dip during the winter months, and people trade in their halter tops for light jackets. But don’t let the early evenings and the brisk mornings fool you: the sun is out. You can never be too careful when...

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