Images of children playing in the sun is often far removed from our concern for effective sunscreen protection, our fears of skin cancer, and our need to protect our children from the harmful effects of the sun.

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Each and every day society learns more about just how harmful the sun’s UV rays can be on your skin and your overall health.

The sun increases the risk of skin cancer, and exposure can cause your skin to age beyond its years. Even being out in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes a day or having the window open during your drive to work can cause problems.

While most people know that SunCare is important, applying sunscreen products to protect the skin can be a real pain. It’s not easy to remember to do it. Having to apply sunscreen several times a day seems more like work than a good health habit.

The process becomes even more difficult when you are trying to protect young children.

As a parent, you know that kids are a tough bunch to wrangle. School-aged children are absent minded, easily distracted and against doing anything that doesn’t feel fun. Getting your children ready for school and then reminding them about SunCare will probably elicit groans or sighs, along with a lot of wiggling.

Parents might not feel motivated at all times to get their children to practice proper skin care, because it can be easier to skip the drama than to try to fight with a young’un who won’t sit still.

But you need to try.

Children are in just as much danger from the sun’s rays as you are. Just a little bit of prevention every day will make it less likely that they will one day be diagnosed with skin cancer.

Keeping your kids in the habit of good sunscreen protection now will open the door for them to be more mindful at protecting themselves from skin cancer later on. No matter how much wiggling or dodging your kids do when it comes time for SunCare, the issue is too important for you not to address it.