Author: Tamra Blankenship

Online Dating: I Swiped “Right” into a nightmare…

After years of resisting the ONLINE DATING idea, I would put in a scary text if I could, I decided I was being a hypocrite and I must check it out for myself rather than come to such a hasty conclusion about it. There is such a tornado of information and a crazy number of sites to look at.   Do you want to hook up? Go to tinder.   If you want a long-term relationship, look to or Find a religious connection? There are sites for that too. Ones for farmers and pet owners, golfing, equestrian,...

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Duck lips and flotation devices

  No, I’m not talking about a warm day poolside in sunny Arizona with your favorite ducky float. Even though I love my giant Ice cream cone floaty that is just the perfect shape for dipping your toes. No, NO, NOOOO! I’m talking about the interesting trend of plastic surgery or enhancements over the last couple of decades. When did we become so fixed on molding ourselves after the idea of perfection and when did “Ken and Barbie” become the perfect vision of the human body? I recently heard of women getting butt implants… of course, my mind when...

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