Beauty Beyond The Surface

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Earlier this week, Sanaa Lathan redefined what bold looks like. In preparation for her new role with the Netflix Original Nappily Ever After, the actress took to Instagram to reveal her new hairstyle. Netflix adaptation of Trisha R. Thomas’ best selling novel will follow Lathan’s character Violet, a woman who appears to have it all. That is until she encounters an accident at her hairdressers, causing her life to fall apart. As Violet’s life unravels, she begins to question what’s truly important and realizes that she’s not living the life she desires. 

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In the video Lathan shares, “It’s all off.” I feel like it’s so light I could fly away.”

Though many people couldn’t rationalize why a female would want to cut off all of her hair by choice, many of Lathan’s followers supported her and thought she was truly beautiful. Her recently shaved head has not only redefined beauty, but also the standards which women are held to.

For some, hair is a woman’s pride and glory. To see other women receptive of that change and
empowered by it, is amazing. Though Lathan is not the first female to make a bold statement, it is reassuring to see women embracing different forms of beauty. We often talk about female empowerment and uplifting our sisters. What better time to start than now!? It starts with accepting each other for our differences and embracing the changes along the way.

As you interact with other women, be open to their differences. Embrace them for who they are, and not who you believe they should be. Along with that, I hope Lathan’s act of confidence encourages you to be bold in all that you do. Take a leap of faith and trust in yourself. Don’t focus on what other people will think, and don’t feel like you have to conform to the standards of society. Change always begins with one person and takes one action. So, if there is something in your spirit telling you to take action, then go for it! You are held accountable for the change you wish to see.