Exactly Where to Place a Nametag and Other Tricky Accessories

Have you ever found yourself wondering where to put a nametag? If you are like most people, you grab it and then think to yourself, now does it go on the right side or the left side? Maybe you do not even care and just put it on. But I am here to tell you that you will have a better chance of someone remembering your name if you place it in the correct spot. Here are four tricky accessories with the rules of exactly where the place them.


Wear your nametag on the right chest. Why? Because most people shake hands with their right hand. The eye follows the hand and will move up to the face, thus scanning the right chest and seeing your name before reaching your face. Also, the name tag should be placed above the pocket, if there is one. You want it higher up on the chest, about 4 inches down from the shoulder, so it is viewable for the other person as they look you in the eye. This higher placement makes it comfortable for women to not draw unwanted attention to the chest.

When you are not wearing a jacket and happen to have a clip nametag, it can be tricky to figure out how to put it on. Here are a few etiquette tips. Clip it on the collar or on the neckline at the collarbone. You can also make a very small fold in your fabric on your right chest to clip it on. Again, keeping the placement higher up is best.

Lapel Pin

If you are wearing a jacket, you place the lapel pin on the left side where the lapel hole is. To wear on a shirt, you position it on the left side and near the heart in the general area where the lapel pin would go if you were wearing a jacket.

Tie Bar

Tie bars should be worn between the third and fourth button of a shirt. You count the neck button as button number one and work your way down from there. The tie bar should clip the tie to the placket of the shirt. It should not just clip on the tie.

Boutonniere or Corsage

A boutonniere is placed in the middle of the left lapel. If you are pinning it to a shirt, then it should again be on the left side above the heart or about four inches down from the shoulder.

A corsage is placed on the left side of a female’s dress or blouse just below the shoulder. If it is a wrist corsage, you typically wear on the opposite hand that you write with.

The above are common questions that arise. Now you can be knowledgeable in the proper placement of these tricky accessories.