I bet you’re saying to yourself, “Emily, how am I supposed to go green and stay ridiculously fabulous?” Well, let me tell you that I LOVE fashion. I love fashion more than some people love their pets and I try to incorporate new pieces into my wardrobe weekly. I am constantly approached by passersby complimenting my choice of outfits and a personal stylist actually asked me to co-write her book because she was impressed with my “savvy sense of style.” I’ll share a secret with you, I shop almost exclusively at consignment shops, thrift stores and Goodwill. Yeah, it’s true.

Two things happened when I changed the way I approached shopping. First, I saved a ridiculous amount of money. It’s sickening how much I use to spend on clothes, shoes and accessories. When I tracked my spending for six months on the non-essentials I almost fainted. In fact, I almost died. While I won’t share the exact dollar amount with you it is near the $5,000 range. I almost fainted again by just typing that. I was appalled and told myself there had to be a cheaper way. That’s when my mom introduced me to the glorious world of consignment.

Second, I significantly reduced my environmental impact. By recycling clothing I am making almost no impact on our precious earth. Beside the fact I am saving a ton of cash and being green, I am supporting local charities and families. I am all about supporting my local community. It makes me feel really good to know the families that significantly benefit when I spend my hard earned money in their shops.

Another great way to incorporate new pieces into your fabulous wardrobe is to trade clothing with your girlfriends. Grab a few bottles of wine, make some brownies, throw your clothes in a pile on the floor and let the “shopping” begin. Fortunately enough for me, my girlfriends and I are all the same size. It’s like the “Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants,” but not really. If some of the pieces you find do not fit correctly, get them altered. You’re getting a garment for free, why not spend a little money at your local tailor to make it fit you fabulously? When you’re done, donate the clothes that didn’t make the cut to Goodwill.

Take some time this week to peruse your local consignment shops, thrift shops and Goodwill. I am almost certain you will be pleasantly surprised at what you discover!