Try These Simple Tips to Shop Your Closet and Stop Overbuying

If you’re like most consumers, you likely have a closet full of clothes and still can’t seem to find anything to wear. You buy clothes you think you need at the moment, only to never wear them again, leading you down the endless cycle of overbuying clothes, shoes, and accessories. It’s time to hit pause on that problematic pattern and create new habits that will benefit you, your confidence, and your wallet.

Buying new items will not create sustainable solutions for your closet dilemma. Below are four simple tips to shop your closet and stop overbuying.

Purge and organize your items

No matter how trendy and stylish your possessions are, if they’re unorganized and lost under a mountain of other junk, you’ll never get the most out of those pieces. Purging is an essential part of creating an intentional and functional wardrobe. Getting rid of anything that no longer suits you and organizing the rest will help you understand what you have and easily access those fun pieces.

Use Pinterest for outfit ideas

When it comes to all the items in your closet, it’s important to remember that you originally purchased each item for a reason. At one point, you thought the item was worth spending your hard-earned money on, so don’t ignore its value. If you’re unsure how to make the most out of what you already own, use Pinterest to get inspired. Search for outfit ideas that include items you already have and build an outfit based on those results.

Tailor and repair items

If you keep avoiding particular items because they need small adjustments, it’s time to address those needs. Whether the pieces require a simple repair you can tackle or require the expertise of a skilled seamstress to tailor, put those items aside so you take care of them sooner rather than later. If you don’t think the items are worth repairing, donating them to a local charity is a great option. 

Invest in closet solutions

Investing in closet solutions can go a long way when trying to get the most out of your clothes and accessories. Items like velvet hangers, shelf dividers, and bins can upgrade the look and feel of your closet and all the items within it. These items will help keep you organized and allow you to display your favorite pieces to make your closet an inviting and calming environment.