Cling-ons are their own breed. I am talking about the very codependent and clingy types in the dating world. As a single woman, it feels as though the dating pool is getting smaller and smaller each year. Perhaps it is more of a splash pad at times. Honestly, looking at my dating record it’s hard to keep my head above water. From my own personal experience of course, I feel as if the only available men swimming in this pool are psychotic narcissists or codependent, overly sensitive man-boys. Where are all of the strong, capable, and somewhat sensitive gentlemen?

I recently dated a guy for only two weeks. Granted, those two weeks felt like two months. He was texting me every minute practically and bought us tickets to events without asking me ahead of time. He then started making plans for Christmas and major holidays even though we had just met! From the beginning I made it clear that I wanted to take things very slow. But, oh no, he was moving a million miles per hour. When in public it felt as if he had a very low self esteem because he would constantly cling to me and had to touch me whether it be his arm around me or clutching on to me somehow. One day we had lunch and I said I was going to go to my place to take a nap before I had to head into work. He threw a tantrum saying I should take a nap at his place and he had to be around me. Needless to say… I said buh-bye to Mister Clingon. No woman wants a man who thinks so lowly of themselves.

So ladies… its rough out there! Stay strong. Stay aware. Never settle. Soon enough we will see more potential contenders swimming in the pool this summer. Do not be afraid to dive in!