Three Easy Ways to Define your Personal Style

Understanding your personal style can be one of the hardest (but most rewarding) steps to an improved wardrobe. Almost like finally discovering your calling, it’s the ‘aha’ moment that will lead you to success.

A strong personal style can lead to an abundance of opportunities, relationships, and partnerships.

Caucasian woman is reaching for clothes from her closet.

While there are countless approaches to finding clarity in your personal style, there are three major ways I recommend to all my clients. Below are three easy ways to define your personal style.

1. Get inspired

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit of inspiration from others, especially when it comes to style. One of my favorite tools to use is Pinterest. The free app helps you discover ideas for anything from food, home, style, and much more. Browse through the countless style inspirations to help you discover what most excites you.

Make sure to create a board (it can be private) and title it something along the lines of “Personal Style Inspo”. Pin anything and everything that you would consider your style (you can always add and delete later).

2. Write down lifestyle and goals

There’s no point in having an abundance of evening gowns if you don’t frequent galas, just like you probably shouldn’t own 20 pairs of heels if you wear flats daily. Writing down your lifestyle and goals will help you better understand how your wardrobe can best suit you, and help you reach your goals faster.

woman trying on designer dress

For example, if you’re currently at an entry-level position, but are looking to get promoted and take on more responsibility, your wardrobe can help you gain respect, attention (in the best way), and confidence to make the move.

3. Ask for help

Personal styling can be like yoga, you can technically do it by yourself using a YouTube video, but you probably wouldn’t get the same results as attending a class. Hiring a wardrobe/personal stylist can come with many benefits, including getting the input of a professional who does the work for you.

Services can vary from style consultations to building look books for daily outfit ideas.

One of the easiest ways to know which tier to use for your own style evaluation is to keep your budget in mind. If a wardrobe stylist is in your budget, then deciding to hire one can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. Alternatively, if that seems out of reach at the moment, start with a self-evaluation and work from there.

Even the smallest improvements make a big difference in the long run.