5 Feminist Conversations To Have At the Thanksgiving TableThanksgiving is just a few days away and we all have our favorite aspects of the day. For many people it’s the food, the family, the spiced drinks, the parade, and the deserts.

What’s the one thing we’re all stressing about? Having awkward conversations at the dinner table. Nothing kills a holiday mood better than a bad conversation.

We here at SmartFem.com believe the best conversations among friends and family happen when you’re open, honest and vulnerable. So, if you’re like us and want to engage in stimulating conversations, but want to avoid the controversy, pick through these 5 topics for a great feminist dinner dialog.

1) The new face of the $20 Bill

How Harriet Tubman replaced President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. This is a fairly neutral ground to start with. You can talk about other women you might want or wanted on bills and what it takes to be on a bill.

2) When the oldest woman alive, at your Thanksgiving table was born.

Don’t worry we’re not going around asking old women for their ages. It’s another segway conversation into this history of the suffrage movement. You could name drop too, ask if anyone knew Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, and Susan B. Anthony. <span class="pullquote">

3) How awesome Condoleezza Rice would make as President.

Okay, okay so if your racist or misogynist cousin decides to play this one up things could get controversial, but this is a nice way to talk about politics without the pain of the election. See, being a feminist isn’t so bad!

4) What style dress Melania will wear to the Inauguration.

I know ,politics again… but I think if you’re skilled, a nice segway into the history of first lady’s and their dresses is more than possible.

5) Play a game

Everyone loves games! So, it’s not really a topic but here’s the game with various options. Set up a timer and make teams of family members name as many Female CEOs as possible. The most names wins! This can be swapped out for Celebrities, Pop Stars, Authors, and Doctors.

We hope you have a fun and Smart Thanksgiving, and remember, feminism doesn’t have to be a scary topic, it can be a fun one around the Thanksgiving table.