Outdoor Family Activities to Enjoy Crisp Fall Weather

As the temperatures begin to drop and the cooler weather becomes the new norm, it’s the perfect time to plan all the fall activities you can enjoy with your family. The new season calls for a new opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and the fabulous weather it has to offer, especially while surrounded by your favorite people.

Autumn is the perfect season to get outside with your loved ones. Below are seven fun outdoor family activities to enjoy the crisp fall weather.

Pick some apples

If you’re lucky enough to live near a farm or tree orchard that allows customers to explore the property and pick their produce, don’t miss the opportunity. Picking apples is a great activity to get your family outdoors, bond over which apples to pick from the trees, and then go back home and enjoy the fresh produce. If your family enjoys baking, turning those apples into apple pies is a great option.

Go on a hike

Hiking has become one of my favorite outdoor activities to enjoy with my family. Not only is it a fun way to get some exercise, but it’s also a simple activity to bond with your loved ones. Being out in nature without electronics or distractions allows you to have intimate conversations and check in on what your family is up to. Once you reach your destination, taking the time to enjoy the view and relax offers some quiet time that we don’t often get during busy days.

Visit a local fall festival

Fall festivals are a fun activity for families with small children who may require more entertainment than a simple hike can offer. If you’re not familiar with any events happening in your local area, a quick Google search can help you discover upcoming events. Simply type “fall festival 2022 [your city]” in the search bar and you’ll come across dozens of results within seconds.

Go camping

For families seeking more adventure, a weekend in the woods can be a great way to kick off the season. Camping is a great option for families looking to get away, disconnect from technology, and reconnect with their loved ones. If pitching a tent isn’t for you, don’t worry. Cabins and hotels near nature can give you access to beautiful views and hikes without having to worry about wild animals and bug bites.

Pick and carve a pumpkin

If you haven’t done so already, visit your local pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin your family can carve together. Pumpkin carving is a fun activity for families with young children who love creative projects. Once you’re done carving, display your creation on your front porch for your neighbors to enjoy.

Spruce up your garden

There are countless benefits to gardening, especially when doing it as a family. Gardening offers families an excuse to get outside, connect with nature, and even get some fresh produce at the end of the process. There are a variety of vegetables that thrive during the cooler months, so grab your shovel and start gardening.