This App Helps Me Make the Most Out of All the Clothes in My Closet

As an avid thrifter, clothing reseller, and fashion lover, I’m constantly tempted to splurge on the latest trends. It often leads to an overflowing closet with more clothes than one human should ever own. Sound familiar?

The worst part is that even with a closet full of clothes, sometimes I don’t know what to wear, which leads to me wearing a repeated outfit because “it’s comfortable.” The answer to this dreadful problem is in your hands, literally.

If you’re tired of walking into a closet full of clothes and stepping out in the same outfit as last week, it’s time for an upgrade. Here’s the app that can help you change that.

That magical app is none other than PINTEREST!

That’s right. The idea-sharing social media app is my go-to app for all things style and inspiration. Even though I consider myself a decently stylish person, I look for inspiration all around me, and you should, too!

I love Pinterest because something as simple as a one-word search can display thousands of relevant results within seconds. I’m constantly looking for style inspiration for items I haven’t worn in a while.

Not sure how to style those overalls you purchased last month? Browse through Pinterest.

While even broad searches create results, you’re more likely to find the inspiration you’re looking for by including any relevant keywords. During the pandemic, I was constantly looking for outfit ideas with keywords like “casual”, “comfortable”, and “chic”.

The keywords you search are unique to your lifestyle and outfit needs. If you work in a corporate environment and need some inspiration as you transition back to the office, you’ll probably need to include keywords like, “professional”, “office”, and “business”, within your search.

Like any social media app, Pinterest uses an algorithm to continuously show you new ideas based on recent searches. It is a great way to stay inspired and motivated to make the most out of all the clothes in your closet.

If you’re new to Pinterest, create a free account here