college.boys.millennials.Have you ever been on a date with a guy who accidentally spills the tea about still living at home with his parents? No…? Oh yeah, me neither.

It turns out millennials are really changing the game. We are more likely to be “dreamers,” more likely to marry in our late 20’s or early 30’s, and now we are more likely to live with our parents as opposed to living with a significant other. We are definitely the more sensitive breed!

According to an article on Cosmopolitan, “…about 35 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 35 live with a parent, compared to 28 percent of the same age group who live with a partner.” Eeek! That same article states that women are “ever so slightly more likely to be living with a partner than a parent.” I can’t say this surprises me! We already know women mature significantly faster than men, and now we have even more proof to back up that theory.

I wonder why millennial men prefer living at home with their mommy and daddy instead of living with their girlfriends? I can understand some reasons! Like maybe they recently graduated college and are currently searching the job market. Maybe they recently got a job and are “saving their money;” a.k.a. blowing their money on girls and alcohol instead of rent. I could entertain many reasons except for maybe the simplest one, he just loves living with his parents! C’mon! If you have enough funds to move out of your parents house then you need to get on the good foot and move out. You don’t have to go too far, you can even still have dinner there Sunday nights. But please do your own laundry, no more asking your mom!

Besides living with their parents a touch too long, millennial men are doing great! The entire generation is innovative and incredibly smart. I am also very happy to learn that women are more confident and powerful in this day and age. We don’t feel the need to rush into a fairy tale romance and move in with the first guy who says I love you. A new study from CafeMedia showed that “millennial women live life on their own terms with an impressively pragmatic approach.” LOVE IT!