Gym Owner Inspires Women To Take Charge Of Their Health

The gym. For some women it’s the best place on earth, for others it’s their worst nightmare.

But for moms, the gym can be a wonderful, magical place they have heard of but have no time in their busy day to venture into.

And for Danielle King the gym was exactly that, a mythical place she didn’t have the time to visit.

As a Navy wife King and her family moved around the country a lot. In the process of relocating whenever the Navy called for it, King noticed she began to put herself and her well-being last in place of making sure her family was taken care of, according to NowThis Her.

Move after move King noticed her weight increasing, and the more weight she put on the more she felt depressed. King knew she had to make a change to be a happier and healthier person for herself and family.

King decided to motivate herself by working out, and the change she felt both mentally and physically was the beginning toward a new venture.

Quitting her job, King invested into opening her own gym and named it after the mantra she used for her new transformation, Fitness is my Sickness.

The gym, located in San Diego, Ca, is a women’s only gym that fosters an environment catered to busy schedules.

The no-excuses gym provides a place for women to go and workout without feeling intimidated by a large gym with men, fitness gurus, and equipment they are unfamiliar with.

Members include active Military, veterans, moms and working professionals, all coming together to work toward their fitness goals while supporting each other.

King’s gym caters to whatever might hold women back from hitting the gym, including a kid’s center for moms. The goal is to remind women that their health is important, and it’s not about looking good so much as it is about feeling good.

But most importantly, King wants to provide women with a place to come to that feels familiar, especially if they are living far away from home.

For more information about Danielle King and Fitness is my Sickness, visit her Facebook page or website.