Maybelline Chooses A Woman Of Color For First Ever Beauty Influencer Collaboration

Maybelline, perhaps one of the most well known drugstore makeup brands, is teaming up with beauty influencer, Makeup Shayla.

The first-ever collaboration is not only revolutionary for the makeup brand, but for women who are self-made in their industry.

Shayla Mitchell rose to Internet fame with her makeup tutorials after she decided to freelance to help make extra money.

Her videos first depicted how she would apply her clients’ makeup, but after posting a few videos of herself doing her own makeup, Mitchell noticed people were more interested in her self tutorials than they were of her doing makeup on her clients.

After getting some traction on Instagram, Mitchell used YouTube to create her own channel and post video tutorials. As she says, the rest is history.

But Mitchell’s influence reaches beyond her expertly-skilled makeup application. She is not only self-made and a boss lady in the makeup world, but she also is one of the few women of color dominating in an industry that notoriously features white actresses and models in campaigns.

Recently, well-known brands are electing to use social media influencers to be brand ambassadors due to the large following many influencers already have on their own.

With an influencer comes followers, which means a guaranteed number of eyes seeing a brand that might otherwise not give it a second look.

But Mitchell is more than a brand ambassador with a following. Yes, her over 2 million Instagram followers is great for business, but her ethnicity is even better.

Having an influencer who is a woman of color helps to break away the lack of diversity in the entertainment and beauty industry, and it appears that Maybelline is anything but shying away from jumping on the bandwagon.

Both Mitchell and Maybelline’s goal is to help break boundaries within the industry, and the partnership speaks to millions that it’s possible.

Who better than a self-made boss who built an empire by being herself to represent the makeup brand that every girl knows?

Seems like Maybelline found their girl. Congrats, Shayla Mitchell!