Attention all food addicts: you are not alone!

Cheese PizzaAll my life I have had a food problem and as I got older it morphed into a weight problem. A good amount of my family has a terrible relationship with food, whether it be they cannot get enough of it or they don’t eat at all. I learned at a young age how to binge eat, but always thought it was normal since it was what my family did. I was active as a child and so none of it truly caught up with me until now. For almost two years I have been gaining over 100 pounds even after losing 100 pounds previously. Clearly, working out and eating right isn’t the only thing I need to do in order to be free of this disease. Emotions are hard for me because I spent most of my life observing others harbor them and so I figured food could be my therapist and fill my void.


I have always been an out-going person but once my addiction got the best of me, I found myself living on my couch in front of the television watching The Office marathons on Netflix every single day. I work two jobs and am a full-time student studying Education. The idea of standing in front of a classroom with young children and teaching them to become successful people became hypocritical to me. Finally, I did what most daughters hate to do, I listened to my mother. I decided to try O.A. (Overeaters Anonymous). I was energized and ready but that quickly died down. Months later I was in an even worse place and the heaviest weight I have ever been. I decided to give O.A. another shot. I found out about a winter retreat that was being held here in Arizona and I knew this was my last chance since diets and therapists haven’t worked for me. I went. I saw. I fell in love with everyone! I have never felt so at peace and it was incredible to be surrounded by people who had the same problem as I do! My whole life I have felt like an outsider or misfit, especially when in company of my family. This amazing group of people helped me. I found a sponsor and for weeks now I haven’t binged (as opposed to my daily binges for two years) nor do I want to. I feel more confident and I truly don’t miss my couch days. The greatest part of all is the fellowship.

peopleA week before my O.A. retreat I never received calls from people unless it were my mother. Days after the retreat I was receiving text messages and calls from tons of people! I have never felt so loved and every day I am a step closer to loving and accepting myself. I may have two jobs and go to school but there is no excuse for not making time for myself.

So, here it is food addicts who have yet to find their niche. I’m not saying this is a happy ending because my journey has just started, but this is a happy ending to those couch days. Put down the donut and join me! Let’s fight this together and show ourselves how strong we truly are!

Overeaters Anonymous has changed so many lives, don’t be afraid to let it change yours.




A recovering food addict