Tech to reduce stress with BuzziesIt feels as if our calendars and to do-lists are daunting these days. Technology and connectivity are sometimes making us more stressed out and angst ridden. Buzzies is a new technology that’s sole purpose is to reduce stress. I recently had the opportunity to discover them at one of the most emotional and stressful times in my life, my mom’s death. Buzzies are a neuroscience wearable technology discovered by Dr. Amy Serin of The Serin Center in Peoria Arizona.

The Buzzies look almost like a watch.

They are a neuroscience wearable technology that creates a sequenced and adjustable vibration which interrupts the brain when you feel are spinning out of control. Your brain is disrupted in a matter of seconds and de-escalates stress quickly. You wear them on your wrists and you program the settings by an app on your mobile phone.

photo of Buzzies wearablesThe Buzzies are definitely creating a buzz. They have been tested on soldiers with PTSD and are also helping children with Autism. Dr. Serin created them as a stand-alone product. That way she could help more people who couldn’t necessarily see her personally at the Serin Center. In addition to reducing stress, there are five pre-settings that can assist with everything from peak-performance, to calming and even sleep.

If you or someone you love is suffering from stress or anxiety the Buzzies may be just what you need. I am excited to say that not only does SmartFem believe in Buzzies but we also use them. If you would like some instant relief click here and order your own set.

Dr. Amy Serin teamed up with her business partner Vicki Mayo, a child advocate, and created the buzzies. Surprised by their own success they have been able to get the product out there quickly through a successful kickstarter campaign. After all, who wouldn’t want immediate relief from stress and anxiety?