sneezing. featured. pet peeves.Pet Peeves. We all have them. Something that another person does that makes your eyes roll, lips tighten, and become overwhelmingly irritated. What are our biggest pet peeves? The ones that bother us like nothing else and yet are constant parts of our day. I have asked members of the general public what their pet peeves are and their answers surprised me. Some were ideas I’ve never thought of before while others had my full support! Enjoy this list of the 25 most popular pet peeves:

1. Drivers who don’t use a turn signal. 

2When people pop their gum.

3. People who read out loud what they are typing on their computer, phone, etc. 

4. Strangers who sit right next to you even when there are other seats available.

5. People who take forever to order food when the line is incredibly long.

6. Men who leave the toilet seat up after they are finished.

7. People who don’t cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze.

8. Classmates who prolong class by asking the most absurd questions.

9. Using the word “literally” incorrectly

10. When someone stops in the middle of a crowded area.

11. That person who always finds something to complain about. 

12. Someone who calls YOU and then puts YOU on hold.

13. People who don’t return the things they borrow from you. 

14. Someone who constantly talks incredibly slooowww.

15. When people text/talk during movies. 

16. The misuse of “your” and “you’re.” 

17.  People who can never be on time

18. When people try to slurp up the last drop of their drink. 

19. When people don’t respond to your text messages, emails or whatever form of communication used.

20. People who walk too close to you.

21.  When someone chews with their mouth wide open.

22. People who ask “can I ask you a question?” before asking the question regardless of your response. 

23. When your food arrives and everyone wants a taste.

24. People who overstay their welcome.

25. People who talk on speaker phone in public places. 

I know I know…some of what is on this list describes things that you do all the time. Same for me! But, hey! I can’t help but slurp up every last delicious sip of my french vanilla frappuccino.

Which pet peeves do you find yourself getting frustrated at on every day occasions?