Having snackHow often do you take a lunch break?

Only 1 in 5 people actually take a lunch break, and that does not include staying at their work desk, according to NPR.

Overworked, tired and hungry, not taking a break during the day is not only unhealthy, but mentally and physically draining to the body.

And as work days and weeks get longer, the pressure to keep up with tasks and performance only adds to the stress factor created from a lack of mental breaks.

But if you do find stepping away from the work desk for a full hour to be unrealistic, try packing healthy and easy snacks you can bring to the office.

Grab some mason jars with lids from your local Walmart or Target and use them to make on-the-go snack packs.

Celery and peanut butter is one great option. Put a healthy serving of peanut butter at the bottom of the jar and layer with celery sticks for a quick and healthy snack.

Or try ranch and veggies. Just like the peanut butter and celery trick, only this is your favorite dressing and vegetables. Try ranch with baby carrots, sweet peppers and celery, or add other yummy veggies like snap peas, olives and broccoli.

You can even make salads using the mason jar technique.

Try spinach with olives, bacon, cherry tomatoes and garbanzo beans for a protein packed salad. If you have a fridge to store your salad in don’t be afraid to add chicken or cheese.

What about the dressing you ask? Pour the dressing in the mason jar first, then layer your ingredients, ending with your greens. This helps prevent your lettuce from soaking up the dressing and getting soggy before you are able to eat it.Granola with yogurt berries

But lunch isn’t the only meal people are skipping. About 31 million Americans skip breakfast, according to Huffington Post.

For a quick breakfast option try making a fruit and yogurt parfait.

Start with your favorite yogurt first, then layer a berry like blueberries or strawberries and top it off with granola for a layered parfait.

Prepping food to bring to work may seem like too much of a task, but having a snack to eat over a vending machine option is healthier.

And remember, many labour laws require employees to take breaks so take the time to get up from the desk, walk around and enjoy some lunch.

Because a happy and healthy employee makes for a happy and productive work day.