Strong intense fitness woman covered her face with boxing glovesThe Victoria Secret Fall 2016 Paris Fashion Show aired Monday on CBS, and it wasn’t without its share of beautiful models, jaw-dropping lingerie, and stellar performances by Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd.

But there was a new element to the show that is stirring up much needed conversation. Those stunning Angels don’t just wake up looking like that.

In a mid-show PSA, seven Angels talk about their intense training in order to secure a coveted Angel spot on the runway.

Workouts twice a day, seven days a week, high intensity and dedication all go into obtaining the bodies they are known for.

“It doesn’t come easy, it doesn’t come natural. You have to work for it,” Elsa Hosk said in the video montage.

Each Angel talks about their go-to workout regime, and how they go into ‘beast mode’ two months before the show. TRX, ballet, boxing, jumprope and lifting weights are all pieces to the grueling workouts each Angel commits to in order to be in tip-top shape.

And living a healthy lifestyle continues on for these Angels long after the last catwalk of the night.

“It’s about taking care of yourself because it’s smart,” Martha Hunt said.

Victoria Secret Angels have long been envied by us average gals, so it’s nice to know that no, these beauties are not just freaks of nature.

With the impossible beauty standards set by society, and the expectations women put on themselves, the PSA helped remind us that no body is perfect, and these ladies have to work at it just as hard as we do.Ballerina standing in ballet class

“You’re not born this way, muscles are developed. It’s a lifestyle,” Taylor Hill said.

But beyond the reassurance that Victoria Secret Angels are in fact human, it’s the rawness of the PSA that reminds us we’re all capable of looking like an Angel, or just the best version of ourselves if we make fitness and healthy living a priority.

Sure, it’s these ladies’ job to look amazing, but knowing they work their wings off for their bodies is definitely a plus.