New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Make with Your Family

With the new year quickly approaching, many adults are beginning to brainstorm new year resolution ideas to make the upcoming year the best one yet. New Year Resolutions are often made for individuals, but creating a list of family goals to focus on in the next 12 months can be just as powerful.

Creating New Year’s resolutions for your family can help ensure every member of your household is on the right track to achieve similar goals. Below are five New Year’s resolution ideas to make with your family.

Limit screen time

Advancements in technology make it harder and harder for families to take their eyes off screens. As you make a list of your family’s new year’s resolutions, consider limiting screen time to make more time for intentional family gatherings. Devices make it easy to set limits on your phones, tablets, and laptops, but you can also take it a step further and turn off wi-fi in your home at set times, making it easier to get everyone’s attention off screens and on each other.

Practice gratitude together

I’m a big advocate for a daily gratitude practice. Especially during tough times, practicing gratitude can help put things in perspective and carry on. This new year, take your gratitude practice a step further by involving your family. It can be something you all practice while having dinner together (another great resolution) or a routine task you do before everyone goes to bed every night.

Start a family game night

With so much time being spent on electronic devices, families have little to no time to spend on group activities. Family game nights are a great way to schedule intentional time to spend with your loved ones while having fun. Take a trip to your favorite retailer and pick a few of your family’s favorite board games. Make things a little more interesting by setting enticing prizes for the winner(s).

Go on more adventures

As the years pass, it seems like families just get busier and busier. This new year, resolve to go on more adventures with your family. Whether it’s a summer trip abroad or weekend hikes at your nearest mountain, family adventures are a great way to connect and enjoy the company of your favorite people.

Communicate daily

When it comes to communication, we don’t simply mean your daily, “good morning” and “what’s for dinner” interaction. Intentional check-ins are a great way to engage with your family and get a peek into their day.

Which ideas will you be adding to your family’s new year resolution checklist?