Uncommon Resolutions You Should Consider For The New Year

At the end of December, year after year, we all begin to think about what resolutions we are going to embark on to make the new year kick off with a bang.

Eating healthier, working out, saving more money, these are all common resolutions that usually tend to fade away a good 30 days into the new year.

And one of the most common reasons new year’s resolutions fail is because people set unrealistic goals that usually bring more discouragement and defeat than anything else.

That’s why it’s time to start considering a resolution that is not only realistic, but whose little changes brings with it great positivity and success.

One easy resolution you could try is to take a break from you cell phone everyday for just 15 minutes. It might seem easy enough but you will be surprised how often you reach for your phone when you feel bored or alone.

Instead of surfing through social media while at a restaurant waiting for a friend, try putting the phone away and just be with yourself.

Watch the other patrons, observe what’s going on outside the restaurant. Do anything but use your phone as a distraction tool. It’s a great resolution that also helps you disconnect from the digital world and give your brain a break.

Another great resolution is to replace T.V. time with reading a book. We all love to sit and watch a mindless show to help destress. The next time you find yourself reaching for the remote, reach for a book instead.

Don’t have anything at home to pick from? Go to your local used bookstore and search for some amazing reads. You will be surprised at how many hidden gems live in a used bookstore.

Grab a book of poetry or a biography and get lost in something other than mindless entertainment.

Need to get out of the house more? There is a great resolution for you! Make it a point to take a walk everyday after work instead of heading straight for the p.j.’s and popcorn.

Take a walk in your neighborhood, grab a coffee from a local cafe, and just enjoy your time checking out the community. Not only is it great exercise, it also helps you socialize and get some fresh air.

There are all sorts of unconventional resolutions or little things one can do to help ring in the new year. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking smaller steps and picking ones that might seem simple but will actually have a great impact on your quality of life.