Five Must-Have Products to Maintain a Clean Work Area

As professionals, our desk space is a reflection of our work style. While some find it easy to keep a tidy workspace, others (myself included) can sometimes struggle to organize papers, devices, and supplies, not to mention clean and disinfected. Fortunately, there are handy products that can solve this dusty dilemma.  

A clean and organized desk can boost your mood and productivity. Below are five must-have products to maintain a clean work area.


If you constantly find yourself sifting through old paperwork, completed to-do lists, and sticky wrappers, you would benefit from a tabletop wastebasket. While I’m not always a fan of keeping a trash can in every room, I love the idea of a small wastebasket that can help keep a small space neat and organized.

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Organizer caddy

Minimalism isn’t for everyone, and if you love stationary as much as I do, then you probably struggle to keep it all in one place. A desk organizer caddy is an all-in-one product that can help you neatly arrange your notebooks, pens, sticky notes, and all other office supplies. No more scrambling during a meeting looking for something to write with.

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Desk pad

Desks endure a lot of destruction, including water damage, scratches, and daily wear and tear. A quality desk can cost hundreds of dollars, so protecting it from everyday damage is essential. A leather desk pad is a multipurpose item that can help protect your desk while providing a slip-resistant surface for drinks and a smooth coating for your mouse.  

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Portable vacuum

Many of us spend most of the day sitting by our desks, so it’s no surprise that our work area can get messy. Food crumbs, scraps of paper, and dust mites all contribute to a messy workstation, so tackling these small, yet frustrating messes is critical to maintaining a neat space. Lucky for us, vacuuming no longer requires hauling a clunky device. Portable vacuums are make it easy to keep your desk clean and dust-free.

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Laptop cleaner

For most working professionals, their laptop is their greatest asset. It goes wherever they go and is essential to completing daily assignments. Like our desks, our laptops often fall victim to neglect, resulting in smudged screens, filthy keyboards, and overall germ-infested surfaces. If this sounds familiar, a laptop cleaner might be your new best friend. Clean your screen and dust your keyboard with the dual-ended tool.

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