How to Stay True to Your Personal Style Amidst Social Comparison

Technology and social media have made it nearly impossible to ignore trends. We’re constantly bombarded with videos, images, and content that encourages consumers to shop for the latest releases – especially in fashion. We consistently assess our worth based on how we measure up to our peers, often resulting in inauthentic changes and misleading representations of ourselves.

Personal style is just that… personal. It’s unique to our taste, comfort level, and lifestyle. While trends can temporarily impact our confidence, they can create lasting effects on our self-esteem, causing confusion and insecurity.

Trends make it difficult to remain authentic. Below are my top tips to stay true to your personal style with battling social comparison.

Systematize your style

You can’t stay true to your personal style if you don’t take the time to identify it first. Spend some time pinpointing your fashion dos and don’ts. A great place to start is by picking out some of your favorite pieces in your closet. Ask yourself why you’re drawn to those items. Is it the color, the fabric, the fit, or the coverage? All of the above?

Style clarity will help you make wise purchasing decisions and keep you from falling victim to marketing tricks promoting the latest fashion trends.

Follow your gut feeling

As humans, we all have an internal compass that keeps us on the right path. A gut feeling, also known as intuition, helps us distinguish good from bad, wise from ignorant, and strong from weak. By following our intuition, we can ensure we stay true to our personal style. Just because everyone on your feed is wearing that new scarf doesn’t mean it’s for you.

Going against your gut feeling can sometimes lead to buyer’s remorse. If this happens to you, take the time to observe your emotions and make an executive decision regarding whether you want to keep or return the item.

Comfort equals confidence

There is a misconception that style is solely for looks and not comfort. When approached correctly, the perfect outfit can be both cozy and chic. If you feel relaxed, you’ll exude that impression in your presence.

It’s important to understand that style doesn’t necessarily mean sweatpants and t-shirts (although they can be). Comfort can be anything you feel you’re best in. A look that doesn’t cause pain, discomfort, or constraint. Once you’re clear on what you’re comfortable in, you won’t settle for anything that doesn’t meet those expectations.