Five Practical Ways to Save on Grocery Shopping

As a busy mom, I’ve learned to establish routines that save me both time and money. One of my favorite ways to do so is when grocery shopping. Even while balancing a full-time job, school activities, and my side hustles, I still like to cook dinners every night. It’s something I take pride in. Like many moms, doing so on a budget is also a point of pride, and fortunately, there are tricks to help us achieve both.

If you’re looking for ways to save money and time on your weekly meals, you’re in luck. Below are five practical ways to save on grocery shopping.

Check your inventory

If you tend to overshop as I do, then you probably have a pantry stocked with essentials. One of the easiest (and smartest) ways to save money on groceries is by shopping your inventory first. Check what you have in stock and find creative ways to leverage those items.

Plan your meals

Once you’re done taking inventory of any items you may already have on hand, take some time planning your meals for the week. My family lives by a weekly menu. Not only does it keep me organized and accountable, but it always gives us all something to look forward to. Having a meu is a great way to avoid impulse shopping, as you know exactly what you’ll need (and won’t need) for the week.

Make a list

I love using the notes app on my phone to keep track of my menu and, from that, create my shopping list. Before implementing this technique, I would constantly forget items for a specific recipe, forcing me back to the store in the middle of the week to do even more spending. A good list will save you time and money when doing your weekly grocery shopping.

Stick to one store

Growing up, my mom would drive from store to store across town looking for the best deals, while she meant well, I’m pretty sure we ended up spending more money on impulse buys and gas. By sticking to one supermarket, you’ll likely avoid all the overspending that comes with visiting multiple retailers.

Order online

For a while, I was hesitant about ordering my groceries online. I didn’t trust that a staff member would pick the right tomatoes as I do. After much back and forth, I decided to give it a try and love it so far. The convenience of taking my list, adding items to my cart, and picking up my order without stepping foot in the store is magical, and a great way to avoid the impulse buys we’re often tempted to make when we’re inside the store.