It’s that time of the year again…unscrupulous security companies send “marketing representatives” into neighborhoods claiming:

* They represent the manufacturer of your security equipment.

* Your current monitoring company isn’t actually monitoring your system or that it needs repairs.

* Your current monitoring company has sent them to inspect, adjust or replace your system.

* Their company has bought your current monitoring company.

* Your current monitoring company has gone out of business.

* Their company offers newer technology than your current monitoring company does.

The goal of these companies is simple. They want you to sign ANOTHER monitoring agreement! This one will probably be for 5 YEARS! Don’t fall for these lies and false promises. If you do, you’ll soon be receiving 2 bills for your monitoring: one from your current provider and one from your “new company.”

Once you discover the truth about what you have signed, you will spend hours trying to get them to cancel the agreement. That very seldom happens. The companies that operate these types of schemes have been fined hundred of thousands of dollars in multiple states for these practices. Yet, they continue to do so because they know most people will ‘give up’ and pay or they’ll send them to collections and get some compensation.

If someone knocks on your door making these or similar claims, don’t let them in and call your current monitoring company immediately. If you let them in, you may want to leave the door open so the dishonest representative doesn’t tear it off the hinges trying to get out of your home and avoid facing the truth!