The Hybrid Wardrobe is Here to Stay – Get the Look on a Budget

As millions of Americans return to work in an office setting, many are left wondering how to transition from work-from-home outfits to office-appropriate attire. It seems impossible to justify wearing an uncomfortable suit to the office when you’ve spent the last two years working from home in your loungewear.

Fortunately, returning to the office doesn’t have to mean returning to your previous style consisting of boring suits and uncomfortable stilettos. Introducing the hybrid wardrobe. A perfect blend of comfortable and classy attire to take you from your home to the company conference room and happy hour with friends.

Building a casual and adaptable wardrobe will get rid of the stress of getting dressed every morning, ensuring you get the most out of your items, whether you’re working from home or running meetings in person.   

Suits and sweatpants don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Below are 3 tips to achieve the hybrid wardrobe look on a budget.

Work with your wardrobe

As consumers, we feel pressure to purchase new items when we experience a change in our lives. Graduated college? Buy this laptop. Started a hobby? Buy all the materials available. The list goes on and on. Luckily for your wallet, returning to the office doesn’t mean investing in a new wardrobe.

I’m sure your closet is full of items you’ve ignored or completely forgotten. Whether you think those pieces aren’t suited for your home office or you’re unsure of how to style them for a more professional look, don’t be so quick to dismiss these items.

One of my tricks to getting the most out of my wardrobe is browsing through Pinterest. This app is my go-to when I don’t know what to wear.

For example, if you’re curious about how to style a white button-up shirt, type white button-up shirt outfit ideas. Within seconds, you’ll have dozens of ideas to choose from. Use the photos to help inspire you to create your version of the stylish outfit.

Learn to layer

I’m always surprised how an item as simple as a blazer can transform a casual outfit into a classy ensemble. Blazers are no longer exclusive to suits. Blazers can be paired with lounge shorts, distressed jeans, and oversized t-shirts to elevate the look. If blazers are not your style, you can pair your comfortable outfit with a relaxed cardigan for a more casual look.

One of the top benefits of layering is being able to remove or add items as necessary. Corporate offices tend to get cold and uncomfortable. The extra layers can give you options in uncertain settings – hence the hybrid in hybrid wardrobe.

Shop second-hand

If your wardrobe is missing a few staples you need before heading to the office, it might be a good excuse to go shopping. Second-hand shopping, that is! Shopping second-hand is one of the most budget-conscious and eco-friendly options you can opt for. Whether you choose to shop for used clothes online or head to your local thrift store, you’re likely to find great brands at amazingly discounted prices.

Before swiping your card, there are a few things you should do to ensure success. First, make a shopping list. This should include the items you’re hoping to add to your wardrobe, and if possible, in which color. Next, create a budget. While thrift stores offer great discounts, their inventory can be tempting. Lastly, be patient. While you might not find everything you need in a single shop, you’ll likely run into those dream items when you’re least expecting them.