Avoid Impulse Shopping and Save Money with These Practical Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic was a financial wake-up call for millions of Americans. For the first time in over a decade, we were reminded that our health, income, and financial stability isn’t promised. To say that was terrifying is an understatement. Hopefully, you learned something from that scare.

A big takeaway and keyword for me was perspective. Having perspective for what we had, what we needed, and what was unnecessary helped me realize that, too often, our spending habits are uncalled for. Money spent on unnecessary items could be money saved for a rainy day, or in this case, an uncertain year.

Most of the time, those unnecessary spending trips are due to impulse shopping. Fortunately, you can change that. Below are three practical tips to avoid impulse shopping and save money this year.

Sleep on it

One of our rules at home is that, before making any type of big purchase, we sleep on it. This means that we could be ready to purchase the item then and there, but instead, we let a day (or night) go by before we go through with that big transaction.

If impulse shopping for you is filled with small transactions like Amazon, try adding your wish list to your card and leaving it there for a day. If, after sleeping on it, you’re still convinced by your purchase, you can move forward.

Create a shopping list

They say you shouldn’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach because it leads to impulse shopping caused by hunger. I feel the same way about the power of a grocery list. Like a map or clear instructions, having clarity can save you a lot of time and headache in the process.

By creating a shopping list, you can avoid all the last-minute purchases you “think” you need. Unless an item popped into your head last minute, or you forgot to list a key ingredient for dinner, you should avoid purchasing altogether. If it was that important, you would have listed it before leaving the house.

Try curbside pickup

Stores are very intentional about the layout of their merchandise. There’s a psychology behind it. They want you to have to walk through the chip and cookies aisle to get to the milk and eggs. One way to avoid stepping into a store while still getting your necessary items is by purchasing online and trying home delivery or curbside pickup.

This way, you still get all your essentials without having to walk into the maze at Target that makes you spend hundreds of dollars every time you step in. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.