The Value of Live Video and Vulnerability with Michelle Sorro

As organic reach and engagement continue to drop on social media, it’s evident that users are looking for real-time content. Gone are the days of extravagant filters and perfectly curated content. Users are looking for raw and authentic content, and, as a professional, it’s time for you to deliver.

I had the honor to host the queen of live video herself, Michelle Sorro in the SmartFem Studios. We had an intimate conversation about entrepreneurship, authenticity, and of course, live video. During our Facebook LIVE, I learned about Michelle’s journey to entrepreneurship, as well as the role live video has played in her road to success.

Michelle Sorro is a TV Host, speaker, podcaster, and live video strategist with a passion for community and connection. Michelle’s love for live video came from over 4000 hours of experience on live television. During that time, she sold more than $220 million as a TV retail host.

Today, Michelle has translated that knowledge and experience into content she shares with her thousands of followers, group members, and clients. She grew her Facebook LIVE group into a multiple six-figure business in only 18 months with no investment in ads or marketing. Now, she’s training others to do the same.

Michelle’s Facebook business starts with the world’s largest free Facebook LIVE challenge group. 2,400 people from around the world put themselves on live video and learn to go from awkward to authentic one live stream at a time. The judgment-free group is an opportunity for being authentic and real in front of others looking to do the same.

“Once you create your community, you begin to see what their needs are.”

It’s that same community and their needs that has allowed Michelle to build a mastermind full of leaders and entrepreneurs looking to transform their lives and impact. The diverse group of members includes everyone from CEOs, to entrepreneurs, and even stay at home moms.

Michelle also developed a conversion blueprint for mastering live videos. She created the plan based on her admirable experience selling millions of dollars’ worth of products on live TV. Now, a select group of individuals can get their hands on the blueprint in her program Live Video Mastery Lab.

One of the greatest benefits of learning from mentors, coaches, and professionals is realizing that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You have access to some of the most experienced professionals in a variety of industries. Professionals like Michelle who has learned about the power of charging her worth, being authentic, and getting in front of her community using free resources live video.

There are countless benefits to live video. Live video helps build trust, connection, and community. By consistently going live in front of your audience, you have an opportunity to show them who you are raw and unscripted. It’s that vulnerability that transforms your audience into a community that trusts you with their time, money, and attention.

As authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs, it’s our job to constantly work on our communication skills, and live video is a great way to do it. Live video builds trust, which directly impacts your marketing awareness, and therefore, your brand awareness as well.

“When we go live, we’re authentic, we build trust, and we build transparency that people can relate to,” said Michelle. 

Of course, going live can be easier said than done for many of us. Letting go of the fear of judgment is an essential part of mastering live video. There’s no better way to see results than to take action and learn from your experiences.

“The learning is in the doing, being OK with being a little awkward.”

The experience doesn’t end when you finish a video. Becoming comfortable and proficient in live videos can translate into in-person speaking opportunities. Which is exactly what Michelle experienced during her journey as an entrepreneur.

In less than two years, Michelle has been able to build a life and business she’s proud of. She’s constantly surrounded by entrepreneurs, mentors, and game-changers who she’s proud to call friends.

“When you get to combine your expertise with your passion, you feel like you’re living a dream.”

Her dream is only getting started. According to Michelle, Facebook LIVE is the new currency for connection, and she’s taking full advantage of the platform for her business in 2020. If you’re ready to do the same, consider joining the thousands of members currently taking advantage of Michelle’s valuable knowledge.

You can also catch Michelle at SmartFem Summit 2020, where she’ll be taking the stage alongside highly respected publishers, authors, and speakers ready to help you take your business to the next level.

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