When to Splurge (or Save) When Building Your Wardrobe

There’s nothing quite as fun as shopping for your wardrobe. Whether you’re starting from scratch or only replacing a few items, this is a great opportunity to learn about your values and priorities. Unless you have unlimited funds, then deciding whether an item is worth splurging or not is essential to ensure you’re not living outside of your means.

There are many things to consider when you start your shopping journey and having a plan is essential to beat the overwhelm and not come home empty-handed. Below are three things to consider when deciding what to splurge or save on when building a wardrobe.

Consider your budget

Creating a budget is essential when drafting a shopping wishlist. The words splurging a saving are relative, as they mean whatever range you give them. To someone, a splurge might mean $2,000 on a purse, while someone else might consider a $100 purse a splurge for their wardrobe. Decide on a number and break it down by item after that. If all you have to spend is $500 on 10 items, it might not make sense to spend it all on a belt you saw at the mall.

Figure out cost-per-wear

When debating whether an item is worth the splurge or not, think about its longevity and how many uses you can get out of it. For example, if I buy a purge for $400 but wear it every single day for one year, the cost would be around one dollar per wear. On the other hand, if I buy a pair of jeans for $100 but only wear them four times in the same year, then the cost per wear would be $25.

When splurging on an item, I like to think long-term. If I can afford to splurge on a luxury item that I can wear for a decade and then pass on to my daughter, it might equate to a better deal than buying something cheap and getting rid of it after a few wears.

Think twice about trends

When it comes to budgeting for your style, trends can tend to be our worst enemy. Sure, fashion brands are always coming up with cool styles, but at what cost? When trying out trends consider how long you’ll have the item for. If it’s something you want to try on and never repeat, consider renting the item from sites like Rent the Runway. If you’re interested in a 90’s look that’s back on-trend, check out your local thrift store for fun vintage items.

Most of the time, trendy pieces are not worth the splurge, as they’ll become old news in a few short months. Instead, splurge on timeless pieces and save on trendy ones you’ll find around any corner.