Letitia Frye has been an entertainer and auctioneer in the Valley and across the globe for over a decade and has raised over a hundred million dollars.  She is a busy mom with a unique career and it was fun to catch up with her.  Letitia has shared the stage with CEO’s and celebrities  such as Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper  She will be gracing the stage again on November 21st for Debbie Gaby’s Celebrity Catwalk.  I really enjoyed talking with her and found her to be an incredibly intelligent women with great ideas and opinions.  I find it fascinating when I meet women who make their mark in a male dominated profession.

Refreshing, interesting, energetic and progressive are the first things that spring to mind after talking to Letitia.  I found Letitia down to earth and real and we had a great conversation as she is so much more than just a pretty face.   One of the things I like to ask women when I interview them is if they can really have it all?  Letitia’s response was dead on, “A woman can have it all if she can achieve balance and be efficient.”  “Many women are busy but not necessarily efficient and you have to be mindful of the difference and create systems or procedures in your life that enable you to be productive.”

within article 2We chatted about a number of different things such as giving back to your community and also about being socially responsible and voting.  I asked her opinion on women voting as we have had that right for almost a hundred years and the numbers of women who don’t vote are staggering.  I was impressed with her passionate response.  “Get an absentee or early ballot and just do it.”  “My calendar changes daily so voting early helps me do my part and I don’t have to deal with the poll lines.

Letitia expressed how excited she was to be a part of the Catwalk this year as her calendar has never permitted it in prior years.   It has been really fun for me interviewing these celebrities for the Catwalk and they all have said the same thing as to why they participate… “I love Debbie Gaby!”

Here is a bit more about Letitia in her own words…

within article letitia

I was born…  Marin Country General in Marin, CA.

The most influential person in my life as a child was...  My mother.

I believe women can…  have it all; it just requires balance, focus and understanding the difference between busy and efficient.

The biggest challenge being in a male dominated profession is….   Not letting the negativity get you down and seeking out positive male mentors and guides.

My guilty pleasure is... Tabasco.

My favorite movie of all time is….  The Wizard of Oz.

One thing no one knows about me is… I take harmonica lessons once a week.

My proudest moment was….  The birth of my two children.

One thing I’ve learned that I want to pass on to young women is…   To see other women as a positive asset, not a threat. To cultivate her female relationships and guard them as precious gifts for they are priceless as you get older.